TMCST38 Hish Gad New York


Hish Gad
New York

As part of promotional activity for Mifal Hapais’ Hish Gad New York, we established experiential concept sites with a New York theme at select malls around Israel.


Stylishly-dressed hostesses walked around the mall and identified women in the midst of shopping. They invited them to purchase a Hish Gad NY ticket and be photographed against a NYC backdrop, using green screen technology.


The photos could then be uploaded to participants’ personal Facebook pages! Everyone who bought a Hish Gad NY ticket also received an “I Love NY” pamphlet listing the best stores, restaurants and entertainment venues in the city.


Idea and production:



Planning and simulation:

Yuval Binder


Pamphlet content:




KameaScenery and Design



Picture IT



Profit Studio