TMCST38 Bye-bye boss! Live your Dream


Bye-bye boss! Live your Dream

Experiential activity for Mifal Hapais in shopping malls throughout Israel.

Passersby in the mall were invited into the Mifal Hapais Dream Center where visitors who had completed a lottery form could use a special application to write about the dream they want to live, if they won the first prize in Lotto. The dreams that visitors shared were printed, in real-time, on shirts that our studio designed especially for this purpose, including Lotto Gutzim (“dwarfs”).


Idea: Profit



KameaScenery and Design


Planning and simulation:

Yuval Binder


Shirt printing:

Photo Key


Application: Picture IT



Amir Reiner and Inbal Sheinberger


Design and graphics:

Profit Studio