Launches, events, intra-organizational events, customer events and brand conferences are the best means of strengthening the relationship between employees or customers and your organization. Butgetting into their heart and staying in their minds requires having an original, meticulously-produced event that guests will talk about long after it ends.

Here’s how we do it:

Our experienced staff begins work on each event, regardless of size, with scrupulous, thorough planning that focuses on achieving the defined objectives within the set budget. This is the most fundamental step and the main ingredient for success. All experiential marketing events we produce are based on original concept development that is impeccably expressed at every juncture and at each of the guests’ encounter with the brand.


We do not leave anything to chance. All work on each event is carried out carefully, on the basis of a detailed work plan so every detail is completely synchronized and all staff members act in coordination with each other, from the initial planning stage and concept development through finding the perfect location and designing the complementary activities, through managing the event itself from beginning to end.